Yup, still alive

…And randomly updating my blog because HI.

Excuses first. I haven’t been updating this blog because my attention has been focused elsewhere. Like school. I did five weeks of on-the-job training in November-December. Stressful but fun. Then we had this amazingly life-consuming course during which I made a graduation dress for my sister. PAINFULL. We started a new course this week… But I won’t talk about it yet.


(7doors.jp)GUYS. I’M SEEING MIZU NATSUKI LIVE. Is this even real? *___________*


(sanspo.com) CHIGI.

Yup, you read it right; Japan Trip 2012 is happening April 2.-15.! Osaka calling~ I’m going with my ‘Zuka sis Zara. :3 We’re going to see Mizu’s 7 Doors musical play and lots of ‘Zuka, obviously. Yukigumi’s Don Carlos/Shining Rhythm and Soragumi’s Brilliant Days/Climax. MIZU. CHIGI.

Dad pays. Yes. But I don’t feel too bad about it, since I got the flights as a birthday present and money for other things /hi dad, I’m sure you didn’t mean xxx amount of theatre tickets and other ‘Zuka stuff) as a Christmas present. And because it’s around Easter holidays I’m going to miss only 5 days of school. No regrets. ♥

Also hi, I have trench coats (but I want a new one):

TrenssitYup, bad face day. The one on the right is from… 2004 or something? And the left is the one I’ve been wearing since buying it in 2007-ish. I think I like the black one more. o.O The silhouette suits me better and the length…

Okay that’s all for now. Thank you all for bering with me! ♥


Got trolled by Blogger

So, last Saturday I logged in on Blogger only to find all my blogs deleted. I thought someone had hacked my account but today I noticed that all my blogs are back, so it must’ve been just some kind of a glitch. At least from now on I’ll remember to do proper backups.

I did manage to get some kind of a backup version up last Saturday. Here’s what I posted (without the part where I whined about the blogs disappearing):

So, life. I’ve had this week off school because it’s the autumn holiday. Yay! I’ve been the definition of lazy, napping through every morning and not leaving the house once between last Friday and last Thursday. :’D I’ve been feeling down because I fail at life etc. But these three days have been better. On Thursday I had ballet (which is still fabulous ♥) and I even got around to dragging my butt to Sello so I could buy shorts for ballet classes and the new Evanescence CD. ♥

Today I was seeing my grandparents again with my dad and uncle and that meant lots of chocolate cake. ♥

There are also new photos of my lovely face! First from last Wednesday when I finally got around to prettifying myself up a little just to prove myself it is something I am able to do.

HetajaPopunaSo the photos aren’t good, as usual, but Idk, at least my face looks okay? It was thundering like crazy and I felt cuddly so I took photos with Popuna the pig. :3

Picture 1931I also have like a million and one webcam photos from that night, which probably means I felt pretty. Success!

Yesterday (well, on Friday to be exact) I saw Zara, Nepi and Sini in Helsinki for a lunch and some photo-taking! It was fun and just what I needed. It had literally been forever since the last time I saw anyone except people from school.

So I managed to do what I do best: I herped

HerpI derped

DerpI looked dead

HetajaZaraAnd I proved that people shouldn’t take photos of me inside when there’s not enough light

Kiinalaisessa…and I don’t like flashes


Okay, that was possibly the crappiest post I’ve written so far but oh well. More posts to come when I have more to write about. ;)

Until next time, dears~♥


Desperate attempt at bringing this blog back to life

Hello again my dear readers! I can’t believe it’s been three months since the last time I’ve posted anything here!

So let’s see what’s been going on in my life for these past months. My summer went relatively well, although I managed to spend most of it online. My summer trip no. 2 was going to Pärnu, Estonia with my family. It was fun, except for a couple of  minor family crises that made me think we will never go on a family trip again. I don’t have many photos, as usual, but you’ll get to see what I bought (read: what dad bought for me) from there. :)


Oh God, possibly the worst photo ever and nobody even mention the pose. The point of this: the lace shorts and the heels. ♥

An Affair in Red Square

New nail polish no. 1 – OPI An Affair in Red Square ♥

New nail polish no. 2 – (the blue one) OPI DS Magic ♥

New shirt no. 1 and also the most recent photo of my lovely face. :'3


New shirt no. 2 featuring my kawaii face.


Other real life news: My sister turned 18 in August and got her driver’s license and I’ve started driving to school. I’ve been to my grandparents’ cottage with my dad and uncle to pick mushrooms and I’ve seen a concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar in Lahti and the Finnish version of Tanz der Vampire (which was AMAZING and cost me way more than I would’ve liked) in Seinäjoki. School has been better again, but I’m supposed to start on-the-job training soon and it’s making my stress levels go up again. I’ve finally started taking ballet lessons and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Now I just need to stop being lazy on Thursdays and actually go to the classes every week. :'D


Things that are rocking my world: internet with all the amazing people I’ve met (hi guys I love you ♥), and Takarazuka. I’ve written my first fan letters to my princess a.k.a. Sagiri Seina and bought the ultimate amazingness a.k.a. said princess’ Bow Hall show’s DVD. Nijinsky, you guys. Watch it. Now. ♥ Also, my dear Zara was in Japan so I had her buy me everything I could afford, namely these things:

♥___________♥ Everything is shiny and nothing hurts. Obviously Zara bought a lot of stuff for herself too, and we had the best 'Zuka sleepover this weekend. ♥ Yukigumi. ♥


Dad installed Windows 7 on my computer last week and everything looks shiny now. We did three different backups of my old files and stuff but I still haven’t figured out how to get some things back the way they used to be. Like my Firefox bookmarks. ASDFASGDF. And I finally got the new Photoshop dad promised to buy me years ago. I actually got the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium and it’s so full of things I hardly know how to use it. A huge leap from my old Elements 2.0.

Okay, that’s enough of text for now. Hopefully I’ll get back to more regular updates soon! Until next time, lovelies. ♥


Summer trip no. 1 – Norway!

Helloooo blog readers! Loooong time no see! Sites like Twitter and Tumblr have almost completely taken over my life, I’ve been a bit down and totally obsessed with Takarazuka, but what else is new? I’m getting off (or on? lol) my lazy ass and bring you this shiny blog post because I’ve spent the last five days in Norway and what’s more fun than writing a trip review?

I was actually feeling angsty about this trip just a day before leaving, mostly because I didn’t get a summer job again this year and mum had promised that dad would pay for my trip. And I had just received two packages from Japan, which meant my parents were aware of excactly why I wasn’t able to pay for anything. Quilt, quilt, quilt.

Regardless, me and P were off to the airport early on Wednesday morning, me without breakfast because I’m an idiot. We flew with Norwegian and had to change planes in Oslo, where we were in a bit of a hurry due to some unexpected difficulties with our boarding passes and confusing connecting flight signs. In the end we found our way to the correct gate without too much difficulty and were in Trondheim by afternoon.

The first thing we did (after taking our things to the hostel) was to take a boat to a small island called Munkholmen, which had originally been a prison. We didn’t get to go inside the building itself but the view to Trondheim, the sea and the surrounding mountains was great and we took lots of photos and chilled around on the grass.

Hi I’m a runway model. Or not.

We walked around the town a bit and then tried to find a place to eat dinner. This turned out to be tougher than expected, since most places were for 20+ people only. We didn’t approve of Norway’s alcohol laws at all.

Jumping to Thursday. My amazing photographing skills. Nidaros Cathedral, Norway’s Notre Dame. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. It wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the church and it would’ve been too dark anyway. But it was gorgeous. We also went to see Norway’s Royal Regalia. And did a bit of shopping. We also found a museum that was showing old wedding dresses from Victorian times to this day. I think I died a little when I realized we could have taken photos only after we had already left the museum. ;^;

We took the Rauma railway line to Åndalsnes. It was amazing and impossible to take any decent photos of, but basically the railway serpented in the most beautiful valley, on both sides of the Rauma river. The weather was cloudy so we couldn’t see the mountaintops, but the view was breathtaking anyways.

We spent the night in Åndalsnes, which is a really small town with breathtakingly gorgeous surroundings. We took the first train of the morning towards Oslo. The trip took about 6 hours in total and I slept through most of it. Sleeping in moving vehicles is my special talent.

We found our hostel and spent the rest of the evening walking around and trying to find a place to eat. We went to see the Royal Palace from the outside.


We shared a room at the hostel with a cute Aussie guy who had been in Europe for four months and a super cute Californian girl who had spent 2 years in France and Norway!

Saturday was an amazing day overall. We started our day by taking a boat from the new opera house to the city hall, eating lunch at a small cafe and then taking the tram to the wonderful Vigeland park. After that we took the tube to Holmenkollen to see rhe ski jump tower. The view was so amazing we decided to see if the tube could take us even higher up the mountain and it did. The last stop was in the middle of a forest, some 469 metres above sea level! Here’s some photo spam from Saturday! (I took over 270 photos during the whole trip, so you’ll see only a selected few.)

And that was Vigeland park for you. Next, Holmenkollen!

See the two people down there? That thing is huge! I would never jump from there, never.

Bonus photo! I had to buy a can of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and take a photo because Mizu loves it. XD I have this article where she talks about it in her Memorial Book and it has been translated by the lovely ekusudei in LJ, but the post seems to be friends only. Anyway, I really liked the ice cream!

We didn’t do much else than take a nap at the hostel and eat in the evening. I had a bit of a trouble trying to sleep that night because it was too hot in the room.

We came back home on Sunday. Everything went smoothly with the flight this time. (And we ate some sushi at the airport omnomnom!)

I’ll have to post again soon about the things I’ve bought and stuff… Let’s see if that’ll be before or after my next trip. I’m going to Pärnu with my family next Sunday.

So, until next time darlings! ♥


Tenshi no uta ga kikoeru

Hello dear followers! The Japanese post titles are back because Takarazuka revue is my life at the moment. *3*

So I helped Zara go crazy with her DVD order and had her buy a few things for me too while she was at it. So yesterday I got these:

OH HI THAR MY INTERESTING LIFE. I bought the Elisabeth II Mook and after quickly browsing it through I came to the conclusion that I was right in getting it. My life could never be complete without all the photos of Mizu!Tooto’s costumes. *q*

Buying Yukigumi R&J DVD was obligatory, of course. We watched it with Zara last night and it was A-MAZ-ING. HEAVENLY. My love for Yukigumi skyrocketed like nobody’s business while watching this and I thought I already loved them to pieces. Kimu and Mimi were fabulous, Kittybalt was sdfsdhf and Chigi!Mercutio I can’t even write anymore. *q* So I won’t. JUST WATCH IT, OKAY?

Umm and then there’s that book with someone called Ouki Kaname. I don’t know what that is. :| No really, I GOT TERU’S PERSONAL BOOK FROM ZARA. AS A PRESENT. WHAT IS THIS? I haven’t even paid for my stuff yet and she’s giving me the hottest presents. GHH you can have the regular version of Chigi’s book in exchange, okay? ♥

I also got this necklace from Tenerife. ZARA STOP GIVING ME PRESENTS ALREADY! I feel like such a bad friend because I never give anything to you. Or to anyone, for that matter. >.>''


My sister was cleaning her closets and throwing away clothes she didn’t want anymore. I ended up taking most of them. ^^; Our styles differ quite much so I’m surprised I liked so many things. Here’s a photo of my “new” boyfriend jeans and T-shirt I liked particularly much:

I’ll call this my casual-semi-otokoyaku-like-look or something.

Ugh, I want my hair to grow so I can get a more otokoyaku-ish cut. :'D I think I might start really growing my hair out again soon… But we’ll see. I really liked the two previous cuts I had…

Hmm, I thought I had more to write about… But no-one’s interested in reading my rage over school, job applications or feeling under the weather for the past two weeks. So I’ll just give you this:

imageI’ve started to draw again! All thanks to Zuka. :'D Musumeyaku fan art with a heart in the background, what is this? Click the pic for what I wrote about it in dA. ^^


I’ve added my Tweets to the sidebar, by the way. I’m so addicted to Twitter I think it’s making me ill. x3

Anyway, since my brain is so full of Zuka that I can’t even write I think I’ll continue drawing my Chigi/Kitarou drawing now… Or watch R&J again… :D

Until next time, dears~! ♥

P.S. Here’s what I’d like to do to my hair:

red hair2 Lol possibly the worst photo manip ever, but you get the picture. RED HAIR. *___* Also my skin would probably look either dead pale or very red if I ever decided to dye my hair red… I’ll HAVE to buy a red wig for May Day to know for sure…