Yup, still alive

…And randomly updating my blog because HI.

Excuses first. I haven’t been updating this blog because my attention has been focused elsewhere. Like school. I did five weeks of on-the-job training in November-December. Stressful but fun. Then we had this amazingly life-consuming course during which I made a graduation dress for my sister. PAINFULL. We started a new course this week… But I won’t talk about it yet.


(7doors.jp)GUYS. I’M SEEING MIZU NATSUKI LIVE. Is this even real? *___________*


(sanspo.com) CHIGI.

Yup, you read it right; Japan Trip 2012 is happening April 2.-15.! Osaka calling~ I’m going with my ‘Zuka sis Zara. :3 We’re going to see Mizu’s 7 Doors musical play and lots of ‘Zuka, obviously. Yukigumi’s Don Carlos/Shining Rhythm and Soragumi’s Brilliant Days/Climax. MIZU. CHIGI.

Dad pays. Yes. But I don’t feel too bad about it, since I got the flights as a birthday present and money for other things /hi dad, I’m sure you didn’t mean xxx amount of theatre tickets and other ‘Zuka stuff) as a Christmas present. And because it’s around Easter holidays I’m going to miss only 5 days of school. No regrets. ♥

Also hi, I have trench coats (but I want a new one):

TrenssitYup, bad face day. The one on the right is from… 2004 or something? And the left is the one I’ve been wearing since buying it in 2007-ish. I think I like the black one more. o.O The silhouette suits me better and the length…

Okay that’s all for now. Thank you all for bering with me! ♥

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  1. There's Kimu as well in the pic you know<3 8<

    Ja mun aivot ei vielkään suostu käsittelemään Mizun yliluonnollista kauneutta.